Current project

I'm currently working on a couple of MOD tools for Dawn of War - in my opinion one of the best RTS games ever! Since the different formats used in the game aren't all that well documented, I've decided to use this blog to write down my findings and even give you some source code.

For general information on DOW modding look at one of these places: RDN Wiki, Relic's DOW Forum, Hive World Terra Forum, Hive World Terra and Basic initiation Mod Tutorial for DOW.

For an overview on the different file formats used in DOW look at the Wiki page dedikated to just that. I'll refer to that page later on since it's a great resource although a bit short on information.

The first tool I made for this project is called ChunkyHacker and it's used to extract information from most of the formats used in DOW (Dawn of War uses a chunk based format which is really simple to hack). I expect to release this tool when it's ready - until then here's a screenshot.

I've coded the tool in C# using WinForms and Be.HexEditor 1.1.1 which is a great hex edit control by Bernhard Elbl.

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