Royally f***ed up!

It's finally proven that our princess is insane! According to the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, she claims clairvoyant powers which she aims to share by teaming up with another nut case and starting an alternative school aimed at training students to contact angels. Check out the website and the original article.

quote - Aftenposten.no:
Märtha Louise, who competed in equestrian events for several years, said that she started "taking contact with angels" when she worked with horses. "I have later learned the value of this enormous gift, and want to share it with others," she said.


Blah, blah..

To stop global warming, Strahd von Zarovich advocates destroying the sun. Send your donations today.


Cell Phone Transformer

Dark Patton vs The Darkness

This is actually an old article, but I forgot to publish the link until now :P. Seems like Mike Patton is more than just a great musician, but also a promising voice over actor (at least for disturbing voices ;). Now if only the game's as cool as it looks.

Image taken from futuregamez.net


Dawn of War hacking again

I haven't had the time or effort to code much lately - the job's taking up most of my daytime and I'm usually too tired to code when I get home. But I've managed to dedicate a couple of hours the last couple of days to try and make some advancements on Soulreaper. Lately I've been thinking about the possibility of making the game 3d. I've not decided to go with this option though - I'm just checking out the possibilities. As a part of this, I've removed the dust from my old project of hacking the DoW texture, model and animation formats, and added texture preview capabilities to my model viewer.

Models and textures are taken from Dawn of War by Relic Entertainment


WoW Addict Constructs Massive 47 PC Setup

If you thought you need a guild then you're wrong! (The scary part is that he has a girlfriend and she's in on it)