Slight modifications

I've been working as a desk clerk for the last week. It's been tiresome and I'm not used to getting up at 6 o'clock so I haven't been coding that much lately. The only thing I've done with my current projects is adding a "recent files" feature to ChunkyHacker and that wasn't much work since I got most of the code from this place: Most Recently Used (MRU) Menu class for .NET 2.0 in C#.

I did a couple of modifications to the source though. I added support for xml saving/loading instead of using the registry. I also changed the code that shortened the filename because it acted a bit strange. The code I replaced it with was ripped from Coding Horror and it uses the PathCompactPathEx win32 API function.

I'm expecting to get som code snippets from my projects in this blog soon, but first I'll have to find a nice syntax highlighter that I can use with blogger - if you know of one that's good then please do post a comment!

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