Extreme Multiprogramming

I just found these notes from some sort of lecture on multiprocessing. I'm most interested in the notes about the Cell and of course the 360!


Ben said...

So, looking forward to the 80core intel cpu in five years time I suppose? :)

eulogy said...

Well... it all depends.. haven't really read that much about it apart from the basics. Programming for these beasts is a complicated task, especially with todays (popular) languages. I hope the 80 core cpu is at least symmetric or it will be hell to try and code for it. This is for instance one of the reasons why I think the ps3 isn't as good as Sony wants us to think it is. 3 general purpose CPUs (Xbox 360) are better than one general purpose and 9 vector units - at least for game programming. Scientific apps on the other hand is a whole other story.

Benjamin said...

Read some comments about the cell processor being used in servers. PS3 being more or less a way to get it into mass production, so you might not be so far off on that sci-usage though.