I just found out that the Optimus Keyboard is being showed at this years CeBit trade show. If you haven't heard about the Optimus yet, then check out the picture below and this link (also check out the Optimus project blog). It's a 114 keys keyboard where every key is an OLED color monitor with a resolution of 32x32 pixels. The system is 100% configurable either through their own API or through a configuration program.

Rediscovering this keyboard made me google the name a bit to find some more information. I didn't find much, but I found an interesting list of the "Top 10 most beautiful keyboards". My favorite was one of the honorable mentions: the "Steampunk Keyboard Mod".

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Benjamin said...

They are both sweet. I thought the optimus was just vaporvare, or an art project as some tech blogs claimed.