I chose life!

I got home from work and was feeling restless. I needed something - but I didn't know what. Was it beer or cigarettes? Food or perhaps even drugs? No, the feeling was different. But What? It was the oh so familiar feeling of computer game cravings!

I have been too busy to play any computer games for a couple of weeks. I've been working a lot, and all my spare time has been spent either with my girl friend, my homies or at home working on something game related (coding, blogging, drawing).

I looked through all my games, but I couldn't find one that I wanted to play. Dark Crusade or perhaps Neverwinter Night 2? They would be great if I has someone to play with, but my internet connection is provided by the university and their firewall is a real Fort Knox.

But what about World of Warcraft? All my friends are playing it, and I know it works on the network! So it was decided, I would at least install it and poke around. After all, I am trying to develop games so I should at least check out the most popular of them all.

So I downloaded the download application (got to love that) and ran the exe. It seemed to work ok, so I read some different RSS feeds while waiting. But I was rather disappointed when I checked it after a short while - it baaarely progressed. I inspeced the different download options I had, and after a short while I realized this game wasn't meant to be downloaded by me - at least not using the official means.

I figured I'd try to find a torrent. There shouldn't be anything illegal with this (though you never know :P) since the game's already downloadable, and you pay for the game using credit card if you've downloaded the binaries. But I could of course not find any fast torrents either so there I was, stuck without the one game I wanted to play that evening.

So what's the moral of all this?
I chose life - but only 'cause I had no other options!


Ben said...

SecondLife? ;p

Isobel said...

Lucky you to have a choice. I 'choose' work.

Isobel said...

.....there's always TV by the way.

eulogy said...

TV sucks donkey balls!

Evan said...

You can always rely on WOW files: http://a.wirebrain.de/wow/