My Prrrrecious Retrolicious!

If you're like me and remember the adventure games of the good ol' days you'll be pleased to hear that Sierra are re-releasing Kings Quest, Larry, Police Quest and Space Quest for modern PCs (now where's Quest for Glory?)! I'm not sure how they plan to make them run on modern computers and operating systems, but it seems like they're using technology from DOSBox - so I'm excited to see if they just bundle DOSBox with the games in their original DOS versions or if they've got some sort of exe-wrapper to make it all a bit more neat.

Here's the original article from dagbladet.no (in Norwegian).


Isobel said...

You forgot to mention that the price will be very reasonable (approximately 170 NOK). I will not hesitate to get them all and play them all again. If I am to get a tan this summer I should probably bring my computer outside ;)

eulogy said...

Yeah.. forgot that... It'll be supersweeeeet :D. I remember how we used to play Space Quest on our first computer - a 286 with black/yellow screen (and we didn't even know how to read English)

Benjamin said...

Ahh, those were the days. My friends and I asked my father to help us with the questions at the beginning of the Larry games to get as little cencoring as possible.

Would be cool if they enhanced the graphics a bit. After all, ScummVM does a pretty good job with the Lucasarts classics.

eulogy said...

Yeah... It would be cool if they made a remake where you can choose which look and feel you want :D - the original retro or the new and polished. But I'd probably play the old ones since I love the old graphics and sounds