SDGI 3: Geriatron

Why does a character always have to be young and energetic? I hereby propose the game Geriatron. You're playing a senior hacker in a futuristic cyberpunk rpg setting. You start the game just as your character gets his death sentence by the doctor - so the main task in the game is to get hold of all manners of biological and cybernetic enhancements to cheat death just a little longer.

Since you're playing a senior citizen, the character system should be different than in normal rpgs. You'll for instance have the stat "Memory" which will be of great importance if you want to do more than just wander around aimlessly (or perhaps even forget skills you've learned). Agility/dexterity will also be essencial - you've got a time limit so increasing your movement speed is a must.

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Isobel said...

Sounds like a brilliant game concept!!!