Dark Patton vs The Darkness

This is actually an old article, but I forgot to publish the link until now :P. Seems like Mike Patton is more than just a great musician, but also a promising voice over actor (at least for disturbing voices ;). Now if only the game's as cool as it looks.

Image taken from futuregamez.net


Ben said...

I heard that too the other day. It'd be interesting to get hold of game music compilations by known musicians. I know Simon Posford (Hallucinogen) and Bjørn Lynne have done so.

Do you know of any others?

eulogy said...

Well... Trent Rernor did the music for Quake which is really cool. Chris Vrenna (from NiN as well) did the music for Doom 3 (as producer with Clint Walsh), Quake 4 and American McGee's Alice (featuring Jessicka from Jack Off Jill). I can't think of more famous "popular culture" musicians which have done the same (at the moment - apart from White Zombie which did a score for some game).