Design rediscovered

When I was randomly googling yesterday I rediscovered SRG Design or Steven R Gilmore which is his real name. He's a really talented designer with alot of great designs under his belt including cover art for A Perfect Circle, Iggy Pop, Skinny Puppy and ohGh! Here are a couple of samples

©Steven R Gilmore


Isobel said...

I've never really gotten the hang of random googling. How do you do that? Just enter the first word that comes into your mind into google and move on from there?

Anyway, the designs are brilliant!

eulogy said...

hehe... random googling is an art - or perhaps just a sign of ADHD. I usually start googling on something I want some information on and then I slowly drift off into the unknown - I guess I have a concentration problem ;)

Metamorphosis said...

Nice page - did you see Tool at Quart this year? Really nice gig :-)

eulogy said...

Hey... thanks - haven't really had the time to do much with the page though. Didn't see them at Quart but I saw them at the Roskilde Festival (both this year and in 2001) and I'll just have to say their live shows are GREAT. I was planning on going to England to see them as well but my economy didn't allow it :(