Magic systems that are fun

After playing a lot of different RPGs I’m starting to get tired of all the boring magic systems. It seems that most magic users are only considered multi purpose assault rifles with different buttons for different effects – now where’s the creativity and magic in that?

In games like Diablo and Neverwinter Nights you get armour and weapons with different random effects which make content creation easier and it also makes it more fun to play since you don’t end up getting the same items over and over again. But this is not the case when using magic. I’m currently on the second chapter of Neverwinter Nights and I’m getting bored of the magic – so I started to wonder how much more work it would be to just add a bit more fun into the magic system? You could add a couple of variables that the magic user can change during battle to adjust strength, mana drain and effects. Another simple way to do it would be to create random spells just like any other random item or you could go hog wild and create an immersive magic system that makes it all seem a bit more like magic.

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