Cleaning up before Xmas

As you might have noticed, the page has gotten a new design. This is of course just one of the presets since I don't have time to design something myself. I've also done a couple of other adjustments - upgraded to the new blogger which by the way is a great improvement, and added tags to the posts.

This is my last day at work before I'm heading home to my parens for the holidays. My sister's borrowed both a gamecube and a 360 so I'm looking forward to some mindless violence in gears of war and puzzle solving in zelda :D.

I'm also looking forward to some XNA coding... I haven't coded in quite some time so I'm starting to need a fix - BAD. Since I don't have alot to do at work today I'll try to find some relevant tutorials and articles - I should have brought my (sister's) laptop and just installed all the stuff needed for XNA coding ;)

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Isobel said...

Don't forget you have all of Christmas for coding ;) By the way, Xbox 360 for Christmas, Gamecube for later.... But I'll bring Oblivion too so you won't miss Zelda too much.