Semi-Daily Game Idea (SDGI)

I've just decided to start a section in this blog called SDGI where I write one game (related) idea (almost) every day. The purpose of this section will be to force me to think creatively about games every day - sort of like an exercise in creativity - and to write it down. I've got so many game related notes all over the place but I can't seem to find them when I need them ;). The ideas don't need to be good, unique or have any positive qualities at all - consider them to be the result of an ongoing brainstorming. They're not copyrighted, they're not my intellectual property (god I hate that word) in any way and I'm sure that ALL of the ideas are already thought of by someone somewhere in the world before me. And of course; feel free to use or abuse any of the ideas presented here as long as you don't claim them as your own later on and try to sue someone!


Isobel said...

And today's idea is? Or will you start tomorrow?

eulogy said...

Today's idea has yet to be written down :D

Ben said...

"Eulogy: Bringing you today's ideas, tomorow" :p

(read in the voice of that CNN voicover guy)

eulogy said...

Yeah :D
I did write Semi-daily, didn't I? ;)