SDGI 1: XP sharing

How many times have I not played an RPG and just needed a couple of more points to level up. XP sharing to the rescue! I think it would be really cool to be able to treat XP as any other resource in a game - this mechanic should of course be balanced and made into something more action filled than just being able to donate a couple of points to another player. Perhaps it's vital for team tactics to boost one of the characters to a super high level to handle an enemy, or perhaps you actually have to use XP as a resource to buy stuff - so when you're buying new equipment you'll have to make sure it doesn't make you less power overall.

Perhaps you even could steal experience from enemies. You get a certain amount of XP from killing a certain enemy, but by stealing XP from it you can both make it weaker and gain more XP at the same time.


Ben said...

Not a bad idea. It should come at a cost thought. Time spent sitting down talking, teaching. And it doesn't seem like the ratio of xp given/taken should be 1:1 either.

eulogy said...

I'm actually thinking of it as a Munchkin kind of game element... Changing XP as an action gameplay mechanic to create more powerful characters or as a resource you can use to buy items from either other PCs or NPCs.