Back to a garbage collected environment...

C# has ruined my tidiness. Somehow I expect the garbage collector to come and clean up my apartment as well. Lately I've been doin' mainly two things: working and playing computer games (WoW and some 360), so I haven't had much time/energy to clean up ;).

Oh, I actually haven't written it here - I got a Xbox360 for my birthday. My parents and friends got together and bought me one of the best presents ever! You should have see my face when I opened it up ;). Thanks once again!

Anyway.. back to the matters at hand. I've just started coding again, and while googling for some XNA information, I came across this short article about the .net garbage collector and XNA's ContentManager. Check it out!

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Isobel said...

YOU should have seen your face when you opened it ;)